Making Huntress a Stealth Killer | Dead by Daylight

This is my first post on this site and I have been out of practice for some time so bare with me.

I have been posting some build videos of my favorite game Dead by Daylight. As some of you may or may not know, there are different perks (four to add) or “builds” that you can chose from. I won’t go too far into the basics of the game but how I found a very nice combination of add-ons to use together in order to make the Huntress almost a full on stealth killer.

The Huntress

Unlike stealth killers which I will explain in later reading, the Huntress is far from a stealth killer. She is probably one of the loudest killers in the game, if not the most loud. Most other killers in the game only have a terror radius (desdiguished by an audible heart beat and becomes faster if the killer is close to you if your playing as a survivor). The Huntress does still has the same terror radius as all other killers, however she is a “ranged” killer by using her hatchets that she can throw to injure a survivor at a distance. Her basic attack is slower to recover from so it is more efficient to use her hatchets first or only if you become skilled to do so. Along with the terror radus, the Huntress hums a lullaby that her mother would sing to her to help her when she was a child. (I would recommend reading about her back story from the Behavior website) Her hum is loud and can be heard from almost across the map from my experience playing as a survivor.

Michael Myers Dead by Daylight Chapter released 2017

Stealth killers in Dead by Daylight can be some of the most tricky opponents to go up against in the game. Killers like the Pig (Saw) the Wraith (Dead by Daylight), Ghost Face (Scream) and the Shape (Michael Myers Halloween) are all stealth killers that can be very fun to play to get a nice supprise on the survivors in the trial. Stealth killers have no terror radius when they are in their “Undetectable” status so the survivors do not know how close they are to them, giving the jump on one or more woking on a generator, or trying to find one. Some of these killers however my be harder to play then others. For example: Mike Myers has to level up his tiers that give him “buffs” during the trial, while Myers is in tier one, he has no terror radus until he advances to tier two by “stalking” the survivors in line of sight. Some add-ons like “Tombstone” can instantly end the game for an unfortunate survivor no matter how many times they have been hooked or not at all. Buffs include are such faster movement, vault speed ext. But the add-on Scratched Mirror will keep him in tier one in which he is unable to advance past tier one making him harder to play, but also more terrifying to play against.

Taken from Dead by Daylight official website

In order to make the Huntress a stealth killer (at least for a short amount of time) I had to use one of her add-ons that I normally never use. The add-on Wooden Fox (see above) grants the Huntress Undetectable for thirty (30) seconds when you reload hatchets by opening a locker. The Huntress does take four seconds to reload her hatchets without using the perk Iron Maiden, which is a different killer perk named Legion, so with out using this perk, will take away some time when reloading. However, as a Huntress main, I alway use Iron Maiden to cut the time in half to only two seconds to reload hatchets.

Taken from Dead by Daylight official website

The second add-on I used was Amanita Toxin (see above) seeing how some survivors have perks that allow them to see the killer when another survivor is hooked along with other perks or add-ons that can reveal the killers aura to them. With Amanita Toxin, it cancels all that out for one minute when they are injured with a hatchet. Thus making the Huntress that uses this add-on even more difficult to survive against. Because even if another healthy survivor maybe trying to complete a generator across the map having to abandon the generator in order to go try and save the hooked survivor.

At the start of the trial or game, the Huntress starts out as she always does, humming her lullaby as well as stomping threw the map up the stairs of part of the map: Meat Packing Plant or The Game. As I spawned as the killer down stairs of the map, it is a good note to know that when this happens, the game has at least three survivors spawn on the opposite floor as me, so that is why I go up the stairs right away.

I almost right away find a survivor and down her with two hatchet throws before she could drop the pallet. With one of the perks I have called Thrilling Tremors, it makes it so other survivors that are not woking on a generator will not allow them to work on them for a short while. As I pick her up, she has on one of the best perks NOW since Behavior buffed it in the last major update, Boil Over, now this perk is crazy strong now and if you strategize it right, you can almost wiggle free from the killer before they can be hooked, even more so if the killer drops from a great hight. How ever seeing how I know about this, I make sure that I do not make those mistakes and end up getting her on the hook with out issue.

Boil Over
Boil Over

Right away after hooking the survivor, I move on to replenishing my hatchets, and as I do so my add-on triggers making the Huntress Undetectable for thirty seconds. The only issue with this add-on is if you are not using the perk: Iron Madian you will waist precious time reloading. I would recommend using Iron Madian if you plan on trying this combination out for yourself.

Iron Maiden perk

I would suggest heading over to my YouTube channel to see this combination in action. Above was a brief play by play of what is in my video of these add-ons in action. I do hit some great hatchet shots in the video and hope you enjoyed my first writing of my experience of one of my favorite games and my favorite killer in the game.

I want to thank you for your time and hope to see you all in The Fog!

YouTube Video Here



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