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Victor and Charlotte | Killers Dead by Daylight

With all the killers to chose from in Dead by Daylight — it seems that a lot of players (that main killers) seem to over look the twins as a “high tier” killer. I only say this because when my wife and I play survivor together, I have had maybe one or two games at most that we have gone against a player using the Twins since I started playing Dead by Daylight mainly back in August of last year. Even friends and members of my community of mine that have been playing the game for much longer than myself, rarely go against players using the Twins. I have asked a few killer mains why they do not play the Twins or if they even ‘like’ the Twins. Most say its due to Victor being hard to control/use and will most of the time miss Victors pounce on an unsuspecting survivor, only to have him kicked by the survivor.

Victor in pounce

A brief overview of how the Twins work; Once Victor is on a survivors back, the survivor must shake him off in order to prevent Charlotte from being aware of their whereabouts (Victors aura is reviled for a brief amount of time while Charlotte wakes up.) however, even if the survivor is successful on getting Victor off them, the survivor is put into the wounded state, plus if Charlotte is close by she can get them into the dying state. Even if players do not see them as a high ranking killer, I feel like any aspect of the game, with enough practice they defiantly can be.

The reason I would say that this killer, well, killers rather are high tier killer but not to be confused as a “S” tier killer like the Nurse is, but would have to say a solid “A” tier. The reason for that in my opinion, is that when you unbind Victor to find survivors you can use Charlotte to block useful options to the survivors. One of my favorite strategies that I have thought of and use is I will unbind Victor while in a useful doorway, or block a window or opening to a jungle gym. Because most of the time people will run from Victor looking back waiting for him to pounce so they can avoid it and make it easier for them to kick him. I had a game recently that I used Charlotte to block a window as the survivor tried to vault over the window only to be downed by Victor because Charlotte was on the otherside. But before I could switch to Charlotte, the played disconnected from the match because of this strategy.

Victor | Twins back story

Of corse add-ons and builds do play a part in making almost any killer much harder for the survivors to play against. I recently have found that perks that can make killers Undetectable for a short time with those that are not “Stealth Killers” (like Ghost face, Pig, and Mike Myers) can give the killer players an edge on the survivors. For example; I main the Huntress as my ‘Main’ killer that I play as, as well as my favorite killer in the game, she is by no means anywhere close of being called a ‘Stealth killer,’ in-fact, she is probably the loudest killer in the game due to her humming out-loud her lullaby. But while using one of her add-ons that recently was buffed called Wooden Fox, it allows the Huntress to go Undetectable for twenty seconds when she reloads her hatchets. I have had a lot of post game chats with the survivors saying that it is very Over Powered.

The Huntress | Dead by Daylight

Anyways, back to the Twins. I used some perks and and-ons that made Charlotte Undetectable for some time. I used a perk for when I would damage generators called Tail of Torment. The perk was released with the Silent Hill chapter of the game. Damaging a generator will cause the killer to go Undetectable until the generator is regressed all the way, hit and damage a survivor.

Trail of Torment perk | Dead by Daylight

For the add-ons, I used one that is an iradesent to the Twins called Silencing Cloth. This add-on grants Charlotte the ability to be undetectable for twenty seconds after switch back to her and leaving Victor in an area dorment. There is a resk to this but for most of the time, the risk is out weighted by the reward. While Victor is just standing there (I will try and put him next to a rock or something to try and hide him as much as possible) he will alert Charlotte of survivors that are close to him with a auditable heart beat sound as well as a visual of the survivors near exact location. (That if the survivor is standing still, then delayed shortly if they are running.) So this can be an effective strategy when trying to get the element of surprise on the survivors; unbind Victor, have him scope out the generator, and if Charlotte is not too far away, switch back and either pull the survivor off the generator with out them noticing, or getting an easy hit.

Silencing Cloth — Ultra Rare Add-on | Dead by Daylight

I have showcased some gameplay with the perk and add-on I have described in this article, as well as the strategy of how I use the Twins to get three to four survivors sacrificed to the Entry. I only had a few games where the survivors adapted to the play style and where able to make it out. However this might seem like this is what makes the Twins not a high tier killer is simply not the case. A good killer can switch up play styles mid game to make the game go in their favor (Besides Tunneling or Camping) I feel a ‘good’ killer does not need to camp or tunnel to win a match of Dead by Daylight.

If you have made it this far in the artical, I would like to thank you for your time and if you have a moment and would like to see this in action, please head over to my YouTube video showing how fun the Twins can be with this setup and strategy. Thank you once again, and I’ll see you in The Fog.



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